The United States of America is, without a doubt, the most diverse nation on Earth. In fact, the U.S. has been built by the collective efforts of immigrants, and the foreign citizens who have left their home countries to pursue new avenues of opportunity in this nation have made America what it is today. While there are several pathways to immigration and a number of avenues available for visiting, working, or receiving an education in America, the legal and administrative process needed to gain admittance into the country can be incredibly complex, lengthy, and difficult. When you need to resolve your immigration issue in a timely and successful manner, you need to work with authorized, qualified, and proven immigration lawyers.

Javier Lopez Perez – Attorney


Miguel (Mike) Montes Jr – Attorney (Counsel)


The Law Offices of Javier Lopez Perez provides comprehensive assistance to individuals, families, and American employers for a variety of immigration-related matters. Our legal team of Los Angeles, Northdridge and Hollywood immigration attorneys has applied their extensive experiences, knowledge of U.S. immigration law, and familiarity with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) procedures to numerous immigration cases throughout the years and has been able to obtain a consistent track record of success. If you, a family member, or a future employee is in need of completing any type of immigration action, you will find capable hands and committed hearts at our firm.

Our practice covers all areas of immigration law, including employment-based business and investment immigration (work permits, permanent residence for skilled, managerial, executive and academically-qualified individuals), family-based immigration, religious workers, asylum, etc. Specializing in Provisional Waivers, Adjustment of Status, Appellate Law Services, Non-immigrant/Immigrant Visa, Citizenship/Green Cards, Deportation Removal.

We specialized also in Immigration litigation, Deportations, and Appellate law.

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